Welcome to Harding University Brackett Library's digital archives, part of the Ann Cowan Dixon Archives & Special Collections. These digital collections include unique images, documents, and oral histories relating to the history of Harding University and prominent people associated with the school.

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Recently Added Items

<h2>Harding University Course Catalog 2009-2010</h2>


Catalog of Harding University 2009-2010

<h2>Harding University Course Catalog 2008-2009</h2>


Catalog of Harding University 2008-2009

<h2>Harding University Course Catalog 2007-2008</h2>


Catalog of Harding University 2007-2008

<h2>Harding University Course Catalog 2006-2007</h2>


Catalog of Harding University 2006-2007

<h2>Harding University Course Catalog 2003-2004</h2>


Catalog of Harding University 2003-2004