Jim Bill McInteer: A Legacy


Jim Bill McInteer, a 1942 graduate of Harding College, preached from the time he was 18 years old until his death at the age of 88 in 2010. Famous for never repeating a sermon during his 30 years at the West End church in Nashville, Tenn., Brother McInteer kept meticulous records of his sermon outlines and notes.

Following his death, Brother McInteer's family donated this priceless collection to Harding University. The staff of Brackett Library continues to work to digitize this material making it available to a much wider audience.



Brenda Breezeel, Lisa Burley, Rachel Etchison, Hannah Wood


Sermon Outlines

bookshelf.jpg With the exception of Nahum, Zephaniah, and 3 John, all sixty-six books of the Bible are currently represented in Brother McInteer’s sermon outlines.  His notes are grouped by book, and arranged by chapter and verse.  Each set of notes contains a left-hand toolbar with bookmarks to assist viewers in navigating the document.


Recorded Sermons

10-2008-5639.jpg Along with his sermon notes and outlines, Brother McInteer's family donated numerous audio tapes of him sharing the Word.  This collection includes over 200 audio files of Brother McInteer preaching and teaching.  We have also included links to known church audio collections that include Jim Bill McInteer's work.



10-2008-5648.jpg This collection of pictures spans Brother McInteer's life and family from his time as a student at Harding through his many years of preaching.


2008-198.5-8370.jpg Jim Bill McInteer was a spiritual giant of our times.  Yet to know him was to know a man of sincerity with the heart of a servant.  In this section we seek to honor the life of Brother McInteer through the eyes of those who knew him.

In this picture, Chancellor Clifton L. Ganus Jr. is walking Jim Bill McInteer back to his seat after Brother McInteer was recognized for his 58 years of exemplary service to the Harding Board of Trustees. (October 2008)

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