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How's Your E.G.?

How's Your E.Q..pdf
Because of its reputation, the very word “ECONOMICS” prevents most people from making any effort to understand information so identified. Actually, economics is only a study of the improvement of man’s material welfare; how he produces and…

How Does the Free Market Work?

How Does the Free Market Work.pdf
We publish this crossword puzzle for two reasons: 1) most people enjoy them; and 2) many are stimulated to dig deeper into the wealth of interesting and useful information to be found in simplified economics.

Hometown, USA - A Community Economic Digest about Searcy, Arkansas

Hometown USA 2015.pdf
Local tradition has it that about 60 years ago, then-Mayor Frank Headlee appeared on a Little Rock television talk show program to promote Searcy, Arkansas. Proclaiming that the town was indeed “rich,” in a colorful play on words he went on:…

Your New and Improved Awesome Resume

Your New and Improved Awesome Resume.pdf
Congratulations! Having spent tens of thousands of dollars on a first rate higher education, you now have just 20 seconds to sell yourself to a prospective employer through a resume that makes the reader regard you as a special person he’d want to…

What Would A Day In Your Life Be Like Without The American Incentive System

What Would a Day in Your Life Be Like.pdf
Is this an over-simplified version of life without the American Incentive System? Too dramatic? Too pessimistic? Perhaps, but before you answer, think about it a little while.

Until Peace Breaks Out - The Heart of the Matter

Until Peace Breaks Out.pdf
With the clouds of war on the horizon, we Americans are faced with a profound and perplexing dilemma. It should be approached with great care, caution, and consideration.

Treating Flat-Tax Fever

Treating Flat Tax Fever.pdf
It’s a common concern of taxpayers from time to time: “What is my tax bracket (and yours for that matter)?” I look up the word “bracket” in the dictionary and learn that it is “…a thing that nails objects to the wall!” I dare to want…

High Octane? The Anatomy and Physiology of Energy Crises

High Octane.pdf
This is a true story (adjusted for inflation). In the late 1970's, the service station attendant implored me, “Fill it up?" Reluctantly, I replied, "Fill it up." He opened the cash drawer and said, "Fill it up." I filled it up, emptying my…

The Center for Private Enterprise Education

Center For Private Enterprise Education.pdf
Harding College's unique Center for Private Enterprise Education, the happy issue of an improbable marriage between big business and higher education. has become a favorite cause celebre of our constituency since its inception.

Giving Green the Business - American Enterprises Break New Ground

Giving Green the Business.pdf
At the urging of our SIFE Business Advisory Board (BAB) Chairman and former SIFE CoCaptain, Brian Ford, this year, our SIFE @ Harding Economics Team focused our energies to help create economic opportunity for others on our campus, our community, and…